What you’ll find

Welcome to my blog – a collection of summaries, musings and thoughts around educational books and readings.

It occurred to me that teachers often want to read educational books to develop their own subject knowledge and pedagogy through reading and engaging with books related to education. Unfortunately, teachers are often time-poor, have multiple commitments or simply don’t know where to start. It then occurred to me that a space where teachers can view summaries created by a teacher may be useful: they could expand their subject knowledge on a surface level or make a more informed choice regarding which texts they might choose to read themselves. And so, the blog was born.

There are a few caveats to this:

1. The books in this blog are those I have chosen to read. These may be recommendations or simply based on my personal interests and CPD needs. This is not an exhaustive list and may not relate to your CPD needs.

2. This blog contains my key ‘take aways’ from the reading and I hope that they are useful. However, it is important to recognise that they are my interpretations of what I have read and what I believe is key. It may not be what you take away from the text and of course that’s OK! I just hope they help you to make a more informed choice.

3. I am lucky enough to receive a few review copies, from John Catt and Crownhouse, as well as some books people send because they’re super generous. Point 1 still stands, however: I receive nothing for my reviews other than the books and all are books I’d choose for myself.

How to use this blog

I have tried to organise the reviews into categories which can be selected from the right hand side – if you want a particular book type, but not sure which to choose, this may be a good place to start.

Alternatively, use the hyperlinks to take you directly to the book you are interested in!

List of books (with hyperlinks)

Annsi Roiha & Jerker Polso – How To Succeed in Differentiation

Bradley Busch & Edward Watson – The Science of Learning

Chris McGrane & Mark McCourt – Mathematical Tasks

Craig Barton – How I Wish I’d Taught Maths

Craig Barton – Reflect, Expect, Check, Explain

Daniel H. Pink – Drive

Daniel Willingham – Why don’t students like school?

David Didau – Making Kid’s Cleverer

Doug Lemov – Teach Like A Champion 2.0

Emma McCrea – Making Every Maths Lesson Count

Guy Claxton – The future of teaching and the myths that hold it back

Hendrick & Macpherson – What does this look like in the classroom?

Hywel Roberts & Debra Kidd – Uncharted Territories

Jo Morgan – A Compendium of Mathematical Methods

Jo Payne & Mel Scott – Making Every Primary Lesson Count

Kate Jones – Love to Teach

Kieran Mackle – Tackling Misconceptions in Primary Mathematics

Kieran Mackle – Thinking Deeply About Primary Mathematics

Dr. Kulvarn Atwal – The Thinking School

Lee Elliot Major & Steve Higgins – What Works?

Lekha Sharma – Curriculum to Classroom

Mark Enser – Teach Like Nobody’s Watching

Mark McCourt – Teaching for Mastery

Martin Robinson – Curriculum Athena versus The Machine

Mary Myatt – The Curriculum

Michael Pershan – Teaching Math with Examples

Paul Dix – When the adults change, everything changes

Peter Mattock – Visible Maths

Richard Churches – Neuroscience for teachers

Rob Eastaway – Maths on the back of an envelope

Smith & Firth – Psychology in the Classroom

Sue Cowley – The Ultimate Guide to Differentiation

Tom Rees – Wholesome Leadership

Tom Sherrington – The Learning Rainforest

Tom Sherrington – Rosenshine’s Principles in Action

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